Apple推出最新Adaptive Audio令AirPods Pro(第2代)變得更聰明

蘋果正在用其新推出的Adaptive Audio功能,為第二代AirPods Pro帶來革命性的個人音頻體驗。這項創新功能會根據用戶的環境動態調整主動噪音消除(ANC)和透明模式的水平,確保最佳的聆聽體驗。隨著用戶在一天中不同的環境和互動中移動,Adaptive Audio會無縫地調整噪音控制體驗。

除了Adaptive Audio,蘋果還推出了個性化音量,這是一項利用機器學習來理解環境條件和聆聽偏好的功能。這項功能會自動微調媒體體驗,預測用戶所需的音量水平。



最後,AirPods將獲得新的靜音/取消靜音功能。有了新的更新,用戶可以按壓入耳式AirPods的莖部(或AirPods Max的數字表冠)來快速靜音或取消靜音,而在通話中。這項功能將支持AirPods Max,兩代AirPods Pro和第三代AirPods。

這些更新在2023年的WWDC上宣布,並將在今年秋季與iOS 17,iPadOS 17和tvOS 17一起發布。

Apple is revolutionizing personal audio experience with the introduction of Adaptive Audio, a new feature for the second-generation AirPods Pro. This innovative feature dynamically adjusts the active noise cancellation (ANC) and transparency mode levels based on the user’s environment, ensuring an optimal listening experience. As users move between different environments and interactions throughout the day, Adaptive Audio seamlessly tailors the noise control experience.

In addition to Adaptive Audio, Apple is also introducing Personalized Volume, a feature that uses machine learning to understand environmental conditions and listening preferences over time. This feature automatically fine-tunes the media experience, predicting the desired audio level of the user.

Another notable feature is Conversation Awareness, which automatically lowers the volume and tunes out background sounds when the user begins speaking. This feature could be particularly useful when someone speaks to you while you are listening to music or a podcast.

Apple is also enhancing the device-switching experience for AirPods. The connection time between a user’s Apple devices is set to become significantly faster and more reliable, making it more seamless to move from listening to a favorite podcast on an iPhone to a work call on a Mac.

Finally, AirPods are getting a new mute/unmute feature. With the new updates, users can press the stem on in-ear AirPods (or the Digital Crown on AirPods Max) to quickly mute or unmute themselves while on a call. This feature will be supported on AirPods Max, both generations of AirPods Pro, and the 3rd-gen AirPods.

These updates, announced at WWDC 2023, are due to be released this fall alongside iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and tvOS 17.

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